About Us

About Us

Metro Data Center

Metro Data Center, LLC & TechDEC in Dublin, Ohio Metro Data Center, LLC (MDC) is a strategic business development and support firm dedicated to solving your business issues. Founders Niles Overly and Rob Kopp have developed a mature and proven “People, Process and Technology” methodology to connect your business with the best-in-the-business resources to ensure successful outcomes.


First, Data Center provides more than 6,000 square feet of “High Tier” infrastructure, supporting a fully redundant N+1 environment.

Second, our Carrier Neutral and fiber rich environments provide multiple connectivity avenues.

Finally, our TechDEC consortium of companies provides a level of expertise that can meet business needs, through a community of on-site professionals.


MDC uses our combined expertise and years of experience in business to implement the most cost efficient business practices and solutions to further the goals of our client companies.

We want to help you increase your business competitiveness and further optimize your company’s goals and strategies to maximize your business value and sustained profitability.

Our Data Center facility, combined with our professionally-managed services, will assist your business in areas of business virtualization, backup and recovery and business continuity.

Experience & Expertise

data_center2Headquartered in Dublin Ohio, Metro Data Center, LLC (MDC) is an Ohio-based company that was developed by a consortium of experienced and seasoned technology engineers and business integration specialists.

Our goal is to offer businesses an affordable and reliable solution for maximizing corporate profits and valuation.

After collectively managing data centers, networks, virtualization tools, software and projects for some of the world’s largest companies, we found a way to take the power of the management systems used in global business and scale them for the SMB market.

Best in Class IT Infrastructure

Establishing IT infrastructure environments that deliver “Best in Class” services and support is a core focus and mission of MDC. Our desire is to provide, manage, operate and deliver these solutions for businesses within the Dublin business community and beyond.

Scalable Solutions

In most cases, business don’t need thousands of square feet of data center space. In fact as hardware continues to decrease in size, and virtualization continues to increase in demand, the footprint needed to support such an endeavor is at times greatly reduced.

Establishing a scalable, shared services infrastructure environment by providing a larger data center site, and sharing available resources within, provides an economy of scale that is less expensive to operate. We believe this is a growing attraction to most businesses as a cost savings solution.

Our Carrier Neutral and Fiber rich environment meet the demands of both large and small businesses.

Role of the City of Dublin

The City of Dublin has partnered with Metro Data Center, LLC through a professional services agreement to assist the City’s Economic Development Division through the establishment and creation of a “High Tier” Data Center that is capable of providing a multitude of services while supporting business growth and integration of IT services.

In addition, we are working together to establish a technology focused approach to business acceleration, through the creation of a new “Technology Corridor” within Dublin, Ohio, branded as TechDEC.

Role of the TechDEC

TechDEC’s foundation is built and supported through The City of Dublin’s Economic Development Division and Metro Data Center’s experience and relationships with the area’s top Information Technology (IT) communities.

This newly created Technology based Entrepreneurial Center has been established for the sole purpose of fostering health and growth within local IT businesses by creating an environment that contributes directly to their individual success.

IT businesses often operate in a traditional silo model, the TechDEC model breaks down these barriers and provides a platform that develops a more Shared Service approach to business delivery.

Role of the DEC

The Dublin Entrepreneurial Center (DEC) supports companies in a variety of business sectors. TechDec will foster and incubate companies having a Technology business focus.


Metro Data Center LLC is proud to be affiliated with these organizations.

  • Dublin Chamber of Commerce
  • Ohio Chamber of Commerce