Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

Metro Cloud – Cloud Virtualization

Metro Cloud is our Virtualized Server solution to all of your cloud based server needs. Metro Cloud can support high volume production workloads across the cloud network Without oversubscribed server resources all while maintaining a back up by an all 10-Gigabit network, these reliable infrastructures outperform peer providers in both performance and reliability.

Metro Cloud
metrodata-serversA high-performance server network cloud for heavy compute and storage demand.

Metro Cloud is a secure, private server network Ideal for businesses with specialized hosting requirements, Metro Cloud provides the ideal environment for deploying both traditional, single-server and cloud-enabled applications. As workloads change, Metreo Cloud customers can have additional servers or storage provisioned within 24 hours.


Secure Infrastructure

  • Dedicated, private cloud infrastructure
  • Applications and data are protected by dedicated firewalls and intrusion-detection devices

Fully Configurable

  • Fully configurable storage, network, and server resources
  • 24-hour turnaround on scalability
  • Applications run from isolated hardware which enables full security and resource allocation control

Managed Virtualization

  • Rely on us to design, deploy, secure, monitor, backup, and automate your cloud environment
  • Advisory support and infrastructure design
  • Regular maintenance, management, and change control
  • Full-stack monitoring and reporting
  • Disaster recovery planning and response
  • End-to-end visibility across physical and virtual environments