Businesses across the region turn to Metro Data Center for their co-location needs because they realize that without their systems, for any amount of time, they’ll soon be out of business.

Industry leaders’ networks need to remain up – be it for order processing, accounting, sales, operations, manufacturing – literally every aspect of business depends on an “always on” computer system.

As Metro Data Center is a facility built from the ground up to be a data center, clients are assured a protected environment that includes the latest technology when it comes to cabinets, power, cooling, and support infrastructure. It’s because of our facility and the redundancies we’ve built that we’ve never been down.

metrodata-serversWe believe that co-location should include key foundational services that are critical to the successful operation of your company’s computing environment. We offer much more than just space – our world-class data center is backed by our professional staff and ITIL-based processes.

Different companies, whether due to their size or services, may require different data center needs. Some companies ease into co-location because they have specially engineered software that may require different needs than a common software, but don’t have the space to support it. For these solutions, Metro Data Center can customize our services, providing a server rack and virtual servers to fulfill that company’s needs.


As part of our commitment to you and your operations, Metro Data Center′s co-location service includes:

  • Rack space
  • Power – metered, charged as used
  • Network – available in 1Mbps increments
  • Advanced perimeter network security, IDS, IPS, complete traffic analysis

  • Asset management – inventory, reporting
  • Basic operational services
  • Essential monitoring and reporting services
  • Power, network, and system status
  • Available remote hands support