Metro Data Center LLC Business Accelerator Sponsorship Program

Metro Data Center provides, manages, operates and delivers solutions for businesses within the Dublin community. As we reach out to local businesses to better understand their IT needs, and as businesses reach into our community in search of services, we believe there is a market for a solutions provider like MDC.

TechDEC: A Vibrant Technology Community

We also believe that the TechDEC community plays an important role in the central Ohio business community. It is for that reason that we’ve created a separate entity to accommodate sponsorships from companies who share our vision of growth and economic development.

Sponsorship Opportunities at the TechDEC
  • Premium Business Meeting Spaces and Furnishings
  • Technology Support Equipment and Services
  • Event Participation, Customized for Business Development and Collaboration
  • Food and Refreshment or Promotional Services
  • Promotional Opportunities for your Business within all Sponsorship Levels
Why Become a Sponsor? Assist Business Growth by Sponsoring Collaborative Space
  • Be one of the first to support Dublin’s newest Technology Accelerator Community
  • Become a Charter Sponsorship Member
  • Give back and being a part of this vibrant Technology Community
  • Increase the visibility of your business with digital signage, website, social media and blog
  • Get in on the ground floor to help accelerate business startups
  • Have occasional access to premium meeting spaces
  • Tap into the expertise in the technology community
  • Apply creativity and branding to a space to reach the Technical Community
Sponsorship Opportunities with Designated Types of Funding Support

Our meeting spaces are specially designed to assist businesses with first class presentation, meeting places and services to further establish and grow their businesses.

Welcome to MDC and the TechDEC

We are currently excepting “Charter Sponsorship Members” to sponsor designated spaces based on current availability. As a member of this elite program, your business will receive our highest level of visibility.

We will display your business information using our State of the Art Digital Signage Technology within our Foyer space. Also, at every event your business will be recognized as one of our Charter Sponsor Members. Other advantages exist for Gigabyte and Terabyte level sponsorships, with access to our facility, use of meeting spaces, private underground parking spaces and more.

Annual Sponsorship Participation Designation Levels

Kilobyte: $1,000

Megabyte: $2,400

Gigabyte: $4,800

Terabyte: $9,600

Primary Sponsorship Corporate Branding

If your organization desires to sponsor the entire room space, call for details to view spaces and discuss this program opportunity.

Custom Sponsorships Available

Don’t see a Sponsorship package that meets your needs? Let us know. We will be glad to customize a Sponsorship for you.

Designated Sponsorship Program Opportunities

Foyer – Innovation in Business Sponsorship

    • Digital Signage presenting all Sponsors and TechDEC Businesses
    • Kiosks to present Meetings and Events
    • Megabyte Level Sponsorship (and above)

Think Tank

Think Tank – Foster Creative Thinking – Premiere Meeting Space

    • First Class Meeting space
    • Private and Secure area
    • Attractive hardwood flooring
    • Digital Media presentation technologies
    • White Boards
    • Comfortable Furniture Setting – Living Room look and feel!
    • Gigabyte Level Sponsorships (and above)
    • Primary Sponsorship Opportunity
    • Be the first to design this space


Lunch and Learn

Lunch and Learn – Comfortable Meeting Spaces for 20-50 people

    • Fully Functional Kitchen Space with Refrigerator, Ice Maker and Dishwasher
    • Sanese Services – State of the Art – Premiere Food Service
    • Multiple Digital Media presentation Technologies
    • Tables and Chairs
    • Megabyte Level Sponsorships (and above)



Conference Room – First Class Meeting Space for 8-12 People

Conference Room

    • View of the front pond
    • Digital Media presentation technologies
    • Private and Secure meeting space
    • White Boards
    • Comfortable Furniture Setting – V Shaped Custom Built conference table
    • Gigabyte Level Sponsorships (and above)
    • Primary Sponsorship Opportunity


Sandbox – Application Development Area


    • Designed to attract those developers that are working at “Coffee Shops”
    • Metro Wall System designated area
    • Custom Designed for the application developer that needs community space
    • Sponsors given special access to this developing community
    • Wireless Internet Access
    • Comfortable Furniture to foster creative thinking
    • Refreshments
    • Subscription Based Access
    • Gigabyte Level Sponsorships (and above)
    • Primary Sponsorship Opportunity


Technology – Provision of Supporting Technologies and Services

    • Large Screen Televisions

      High Speed Internet Access

    • Copying and Printing Services
    • Telephones and Communication
    • High Definition TV Monitors
    • Cable Provider Access
    • Kilobyte Level Sponsorships (and above)


Food and Refreshments

    • Meeting and Event Support Services
    • Highly Visible Support Services
Sponsorship Contact Information

MDC Business Accelerator at TechDEC

Metro Data Center LLC
Business Accelerator Sponsorship Fund
565 Metro Place South Suite #300
Dublin, Ohio 43017

Rob Kopp, President and Chief Operating Officer
Email: robkopp@metrodatacenter.com
Phone: 614-506-7971