33 Smart Mobility Corridor Dublin Ohio Metro Data Center

Dublin’s Metro Data Center to Serve as 33 Smart Corridor Fiber Hub

Dublin’s Metro Data Center to Serve as 33 Smart Corridor Fiber Hub
Contributing to Technology Leadership in Central Ohio and Beyond

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Dublin, Ohio – June 23, 2017 – Recently ranked among the top data centers in central Ohio, Dublin’s Metro Data Center prepares for expansion as the primary point of presence for the 33 Smart Corridor.

Governor John Kasich announced the $15 million investment to transform the 35-mile stretch of US route 33 between Dublin and East Liberty in November 2016. Additionally, the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) awarded a $5.9 million grant to the City of Dublin, the City of Marysville and Union County for the development of the 33 Smart Corridor. Metro Data Center will serve as the hub for 39 miles of new fiber optic cable.

This fiber project will give the 33 Smart Corridor direct access to major infrastructure leaders, providing secure high-speed connectivity, resiliency and redundancy.

“We will provide a true community data solution to foster business growth and create positive economic impact in Ohio and beyond,” said Rob Kopp, President and COO of Metro Data Center.

Following the successful rollout of Dublink, a 100Gb fiber optic network serving Dublin’s Metro Office Park, Metro Data Center expanded to include hubs in Chicago, Phoenix and Amsterdam, creating a global data footprint.

Eighteen of the largest carriers are housed here including AT&T, Level 3, XO Communications, and Spectrum,” continued Kopp. “We also have connectivity with The Ohio State University’s super computer. This level of collaboration allows us to provide blended solutions that enhance security, reduce risk, help control costs and improve productivity while protecting sensitive information for companies and customers – more vital now than ever.”

As part of the project evolution, Metro Data Center is actively creating a consortium of regional experts to foster, support and guide this Smart City fiber initiative.

“We’re proud to play a vital role in the project, but we know this is going to require a collaborative, community approach,” said Kopp. “We want to get the best and brightest around the table as we prepare for the future.”


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