Metro Data Center Facility

CASE STUDY: Metro Data Center Offers CoLocation to Dublin, Ohio and Metropolitan Area

Businesses, Schools, and Governmental Agencies Flourish with Dublink 100GB
Broadband Network in Place.

Metro Data Center (MDC) was established in 2011 in Dublin,
Ohio. The company is a full-service hosting and data center
that specializes in serving the data needs of small- to mid-sized
businesses (SMB), as well as local schools and governmental
agencies. MDC’s core values center around the 5 C’s: Colocation,
Cloud, Connectivity, Consulting and Community.

As part of its commitment to the community, MDC built and
maintains the city of Dublin’s Dublink 100GB broadband network,
which provides ultra-high-speed connectivity to local users
through 125 miles of fiberoptic lines that run underground
throughout Dublin.

Through several state and regional infrastructure projects, including
the Smart Mobility Ohio Project, the Smart City Initiative, and the
Transportation Research Center hub, MDC has become central to
the community.

From cloud hosted services and dedicated servers to the speed
and connectivity of the Dublink 100GB network, MDC offers its
clients optimized, secure productivity backed by on-site systems
and 24/7 monitoring and maintenance. Comprehensive resources,
services and expertise assure optimal performance, and the ability
to meet and resolve clients’ needs within minutes. Metro Data
Center is a carrier-neutral environment that also offers a blended
internet option to its SMB clients.

Metro Data Center provides scalable fiberoptic network capacity
with points of presence (POPs) via Level3, CenturyLink, Oarnet,
Spectrum, and XO. MDC specializes in linking SMB organizations
to IT solutions that help to grow their business. Some small- and
medium-sized businesses are vulnerable to problems caused by
lack of IT staff, expertise and solutions. To meet this need, the city
of Dublin established the Dublin Entrepreneurial Center, and the
TechDEC, a community of entrepreneurs working together to grow
each of their businesses. Today, TechDEC hosts more than 150
established companies and startups that are owned, operated and
staffed by local residents.

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Case study provided by Rittal, North America LLC