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Metro Data Center: Tech Support Contact Process


At Metro Data Center, there are multiple ways to contact support for emergency and non-emergency issues or requests. These contact methods are detailed in this document along with escalation procedures as required.

How to contact MDC with an issue or request:

Non-Emergency Support Contact:

  • If you have a general question or request that is not an emergency, please send an email to tac@
  • This e-mail will be received by multiple MDC support team members who are capable of addressing the question or request.
  • Common requests scenarios include but are not limited to:
    • Customer package or shipment delivery notifications
    • Requests to allow 3rd party support personnel access to a customer cage or cabinet.
    • Customer requests for additional badges.

Emergency Support Contact:

  • Our 24-hour emergency response center contact number is 614-460-7430.
    • If you have an outage or emergency need that requires immediate assistance, please call this number and our operator will record and submit your request directly to our support team.
    • The MDC IT Director will be called directly and the support team e-mailed when this support method is used.

Escalation Procedures:

  • Escalation contacts are provided to you as an immediate need basis only. Call the main number and only escalate if there is no response within 15 minutes.